St Patrick's Day Parade Celebration on March 11th!

The South Side Chamber of Commerce hosted the St Patrick's Day Parade safety meeting on February 28th to discuss the City's plans to keep visitors and residents safe during this day of reveling on Carson Street.

Here are some important points from the City about the day's activities:

Street Parking – There will be no parking on East Carson
between 12th and 18th (both sides) starting at 7 a.m. on Saturday March 11th.

Traffic Flow – Police will work hard to keep traffic flowing and will be positioned at several cross streets. Should there be an emergency, these streets will be used to divert traffic off Carson.

Pedestrian Flow: The goal is to keep pedestrians out of the street, on the sidewalk and moving.

Sidewalk Vending: Unless a business has an existing extension of premise, no sidewalk vending will be allowed that day. This is to prevent bottlenecks and from pushing pedestrians into street.

Sidewalk Obstructions – Please assure the sidewalk is clear of impediments, including sandwich boards.

Control Lines – Police Bureau also requests that door security work hard to engage with and maintain order of people waiting in line, and hug the lines outside businesses up against the wall.

Control Occupancy – Bureau of Fire will be enforcing occupancy, as well as all other requirements (clear exits, fire suppression requirements, etc). Please assure accurate counts and maintain occupancy that your business has been designated. This is for the safety of your customers so they can exit swiftly in case of an emergency. Chief Jones stressed they will be strictly enforcing on Parade Day.

Close Window Walls – Commander Dixon requested that “Nano Windows” be closed, the reason being is that, as the day progresses and numbers grow, people on the sidewalk gather to be part of the scene inside. Yet they are technically in public space and pedestrian flow is needed to keep the outside safe.

Sound: As a reminder, it is the responsibility of businesses with alcohol licenses to control sound conditions inside alcohol licensed businesses. It is said that LCE will be enforcing this. The best assurance that you are in compliance, is to keep windows and doors shut.

Alternative Parking/Shared Rides – A park and ride shuttle will be available again this year with extended hours. There are 700 parking spots available in Second Avenue Parking Plaza. Parking Authority and Shuttle operators are working to have rides available from 6:00 am Saturday to 5:00 am Sunday. Exact hours and shuttle stops coming soon.

Employees – The Second Avenue Parking lot is fenced, extremely well-lit and patrolled regularly by police. Shuttle drivers will drive employees directly to their car inside the Second Avenue Lot if they tell the driver they are an employee.


SHARED RIDE/TAXI STAND: 1700 Block of East Carson will be a pickup/drop off area for Uber, Lyft, taxis and Ztrip. A couple other locations may be announced on Friday.  

FREE PARKING LOCATION: Encourage staff and customers to park for free at Second Avenue Parking Plaza on 2nd Avenue near 10th street bridge. The lot is extremely well lit, fenced and regularly patrolled by police. 
FREE SHUTTLE HOURS: A free shuttle will run 24 hours beginning 6am on Saturday morning of March 11th. During peak time of 2pm-3am there will be two shuttles running.

SHUTTLE FREQUENCY: Frequency is dependent on traffic, but it is estimated a shuttle will be available every 15 minutes or less. From 2nd Avenue lot to Muriel and 12th is a 5 minute ride. 
FREE SHUTTLE STOPS: To increase efficiency and so as not to contribute to gridlock, the shuttle will mostly travel off E. Carson and make three stops on the South Side:  1) Muriel and 12th; 2) on 18th near E. Carson at 18th & Sidney Parking Lot and 3) on 21st just north of E. Carson. THE SHUTTLE WILL ONLY PICK UP AND DROP OFF AT THESE LOCATIONS AND 2ND AVENUE LOT.
PHONE # for SHUTTLE DRIVER: for late, late shift employees we can provide you with driver's phone number. However, drivers are not allowed to use the phone while driving, only when they are at a stop. So the shuttle company cannot guarantee that drivers will answer your call right away. Drivers have not yet been assigned to work the Saturday shift, so phone numbers are not available yet. Look for this info in an update later this week.

RPP PARKING: These areas will be enforced on parade day.