OPENSTREETSPGH 2018 - Here's What You Need To Know!


OpenStreetsPGH is a community event series happening on the South Side on May 27th from 9 AM to 1 PM.

Everyone is welcome at OpenStreetsPGH, and we hope you'll join us or keep your business open! 87% of people who attend OpenStreetsPGH buy something and this year we are expecting 30,000 people this year.

Streets will be closed to motorized traffic starting at 8 AM and will reopen at 1:30 PM. Cars may cross the route only at major intersections. Find out more at

No cars are permitted on the route during the event, so don't park in front of your businesses overnight. Towing will be enforced starting at 5 AM.

OpenStreetsPGH is an effort of BikePGH in collaboration with neighborhood groups, non-profits, community organizations and businesses. The South Side Chamber of Commerce is the community partner for the South Side.

Email or call 412.325.4334.