South Side Open Community Meetings for East Carson Business District


The purpose of these meetings is to report on the East Carson Street study’s key findings and to set up voluntary community task forces to develop work plans for initiatives to be taken in our business district.  Again, everyone is invited, including business owners, residents, property owners, students, public officials, patrons, and anyone else who wants to attend to offer ideas and make a commitment to work together for the benefit of the South Side.

This meeting will be hosted by the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh (URA) , the City of Pittsburgh, and the South Side Planning Forum organizations to tell everyone about the study results and the start of developing strategies to maintain and improve our business district and preserve and protect its national and city historic designations. 

As has been reported regularly at South Side Planning Forum meetings and covered in the South Pittsburgh Reporter, the study has been completed. Consultant Fourth Economy’s 92-page final report on the study is available at the URA’s website at 

The work of the consultant, project steering committee, focus groups, surveys, and the July 2018 community workshop collectively resulted in recommendations for creating work plans to be built on the findings of the study.  These recommendations are intended to continue involving all interested parties to be a part of developing meaningful strategies to make the South Side business district the best that it can be given our current resources.  

The task forces will include the areas of economic vitality, marketing and promotion, public aesthetics, and development of work plans for 2019 action.

There are two meeting scheduled one on January 24th and another on 29th. Please check the calendar for more details and to reserve your place.

Thank you, we look forward to seeing you