OpenStreetsPGH 2018

May 27th from 9:00 am to 1:30 pm on the South Side!

What if you close East Carson Street to motorized traffic and open it to everyone for several hours of good, healthy fun with family and friends? You have OpenStreetsPGH! Last year over 34,000 visitors joined us to walk, run, bike and skate through our historic South Side shopping and entertainment district. 87% of people who attend OpenStreets PGH buy something.

BikePGH's Open Streets PGH series kicks off Sunday, May 27th! Visit the open streets of Downtown, Uptown, and South Side. ➡️ JUST ANNOUNCED! Check out the May Program Schedule:

Here are some questions and answers from BikePGH about OpenStreetsPGH 2018:

What is OpenStreetsPGH all about? 

The big idea behind OpenStreetsPGH is that opening city streets to pedestrians for a few hours can drive a whole lot of change. The event is back on the South Side on Sunday, May 27th.

BikePGH expects 30,000 people to participate this year, bring friends and families together to walk, bike, skate, shop ad do almost anything that doesn't involve a motorized vehicle.

How can my business participate?

  • USE THE SIDEWALK - Sidewalk sales, outdoor seating, or even something as simple as balloons will let the public know you are open for business.
  • ART/MUSIC/FUN - Hosting a small activity in from of your store is a great way to get people to stop and come inside.
  • THINK GRAB AND GO - Offer tote bags, food on the go, or samples that people can enjoy while walking (57% of people) or biking (43% of people).
  • SHOW OFF YOUR BUSINESS - Visit and fill out the business promo form to be featured in the official OpenStreetsPGH event schedule.

Want to get involved with OpenStreetsPGH?

Hosted by BikePGH, all prorams are free of charge to the public and open for all to participate. OpenStreetsPGH connects neighborhoods together with safe spaces where friends and families can experience the best the city has to offer on a summer day.